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Tee Ball FAQs

The 2020 Little League season is here! We want to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for all the families participating in the 2020 season, especially for those parents and players joining us for the first time in our tee ball division.  Opening day is still TBD. 

We have made a list of frequently asked questions and created a Tee Ball FAQ.  If you still have any questions, email us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook.

How do I register? 
You need to create a user name and family profile on our site. Once you create a profile as the parent/guardian, you add your child/participant. Please be sure to enter his or her's birthday correctly, you cannot edit this field. Once you have a profile and the participant added, you will see options for divisions and available programs on your main profile page. You can also scroll down this page to see a registration portal for tee-ball, note you still need a profile set up to continue the process. Fee is $75 for the spring season and starts at the end of April. 

When is the parade? 
The parade date will be announced soon but will be late April or early May on a Saturday. Generally, we do not know the exact date and times until the town approves and finalizes all of the permits. Keep checking back here and follow us on Facebook, we will let everyone know as soon as we receive the final time and date. 

How do I register for T-Ball?
All registrations are done online at 2020 we are accepting little league age 4-6 year olds for first time players. Once they have played a year, they can be eligible for our Farm division which is mostly 6 year olds but has 5s. Email us if you would like to register for Farm but cannot. 

What is included with the registration fee with regards to uniforms?
Players receive a hat and a jersey/shirt.  All other uniform gear such as baseball pants and cleats are optional at the discretion of the parents, but not required by the league.

I registered a few months ago and have not heard anything from the league, what’s happening?
The league runs completely on volunteers and rest assured those volunteers are hard at work in getting evaluations, drafts, teams and schedules completed for the upcoming season.  Typically, the T-Ball division is the last division to be completed as we keep registration open until the last possible date to encourage all potential children to register.

Your manager will your point of contact - email us if you have any questions. 

What do I need to sign up to coach?
Log in to your account, on the left-hand side click the "volunteer" link. If you are registered, you should see your roles. If you are not registered, you will see the available roles based on your childs registration or division. 

All volunteer positions are subject to a background check through Little League and Mass iCori. All volunteers must submit a volunteer application prior to commencing your duties. This is a Little League International rule designed to protect the safety of the kids. All forms can be found under the Forma and Applications under the Resources page on the website. It must be submitted with a copy of government issued picture ID (e.g., driver's license).

When will I know what team and coach my child is playing on?
About a month before season starts, the player agent will start to assign players to teams and contact potential managers. Once we have all the managers we need, we will reach out to the managers with all the roasts to confirm their team. Then the managers will reach out to the parents to introduce themselves. Please make sure to provide your current email and phone number(s) during the registration process so this can be distributed accordingly.

When do practices begin?
Last year we made a change and switched tee-ball to a one-day a week format on Saturday mornings. There is a practice and a game around 10:30 am on Saturdays which lasts about 90 minutes in total. We found that kids at this age get tired quickly and can lose focus. Our board has worked hard on making a great tee-ball program that is fun for the kids. This time is not in stone but will be in this area to accommodate soccer and other sports. 

Will there be a post season tournament?
There is no post season tournament for the T-Ball division. However, in 2018, we created a summer sandlot program that is for kids who want to keep playing. We play baseball with real rules and was a great success last year. We use a pitching machine and there are strike outs, some steels and a lot of exciting plays. 

When does the season start and end?  When are games played?  How long does a typical game last?
T-Ball league games begin on Opening Day (typically the last Saturday in April) and will conclude by the middle to late June.  There will be an 7-8 game schedule and games are played on Saturday mornings at 10:30 am (may slightly change). 

What equipment do I need to purchase for my child?
The only requirement for T-Ball is that each child is responsible for having their own glove. The league provides each team with extra batting helmets and bats.  Most parents choose to purchase their own batting helmets partly because the kids want to have their very own and the other is for personal hygiene issues.  

What type of bat should be purchased?
2018 issued new rules and regulations for bats, though tee-ball has a little more leeway. There are approved bats, look for the bats labeled "T-Ball” and find one that is light enough that your child can handle and swing easily.  These leagues are for development and baseball basics for players and over-sized bats do not help players learn how to properly make contact with the baseball. 

Don't overthink it either, speak to someone at your local sporting goods store and they will be able to guide you in the best direction. Dick's Sporting Goods and Extra Innings in Middleton have great staff who are up to date on 2018 changes. 

Are batting helmets with face guards/masks required?
Face guards/masks are not required for T-Ball and are totally up to the parents.  Very few T-Ball players have or use these since this generally is not a concern at this age as the helmets are bulky and hard for the younger kids to get adjusted to.  Most batting helmets are made so that the face guard can be purchased later and attached if needed.

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