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T-Ball Division


T-Ball is an introduction to baseball for Little League age 4 and 5 year olds and for 2021, we will be continuing a one-day a week program on that consists of a short practice and 3-4 inning game.

Ideally, rosters are best if kept around six players so that all kids can play and still be manageable. Coaching emphasis is upon keeping the players active and engaged and having fun. The rules are simplified to accommodate young beginner players.

Game Rules:

  • Safety is always first.
  • Make the game fun.
  • There will be no score-keeping. This is a non-competitive division.
  • Each game will consist of approximately 1 hour of playing time (about 3 or 4 innings).
  • All players will play defense in the field & change positions every inning.
  • All batters will wear a batting helmet while at bat and on base.
  • During the game, all players must remain in the designated team areas and on benches, except the batter at the plate.
  • There is no on-deck circle. The on-deck batter will wear a helmet to be ready but will not have a bat in hand until on the way to the plate. THE ONLY PLAYER ALLOWED TO HAVE A BAT IN HIS/HER HANDS IS THE ONE CURRENTLY AT BAT.
  • After hitting, players run one base at a time. Outs are not counted.  An inning will end after all team players have batted. The last batter shall run to all 4 bases back to home.  Each player should get  to bat “clean-up” multiple times through-out the season
  • No throwing the bat.
  • No base stealing.
  • Coaches shall be positioned on the field throughout the game for instructional purposes, such as working with the batter, re-positioning the fielders and ensuring players are prepared to field all plays and for injury prevention.
  • The home team is responsible for setting out the bases & Tee.
  • Both teams are responsible for cleaning up the area after each game.

Skill Sets:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Baseball
  • Learn the fundamentals of fielding ground balls with emphasis on proper stance, glove and hand position.
  • Develop basic baseball grip & throwing skills.
  • Develop basic stance grip and swing. & contact hitting skills.
  • Develop basic fielding & catching skills.
  • Develop awareness on the bases
  • Develop team work skills.
  • Learn to love the game of baseball and come back next year!

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