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Danvers American Little League  is using Blue Sombrero for our website hosting and content manager with the intent that these tools will provide various benefits to our stakeholders (Parents, players, coaches, volunteers, sponsors, etc.).

Our top website goals are to:

1. Allow you to find information that is important to YOU as easy as possible
2. Provide timely and accurate information about our organization and events
3. Be desktop and mobile friendly
4. Facilitate our player registration process
5. Make it easy to opt-in and opt-out of various communication methods (email, text, phone, etc.)
6. Connect with other teams and improve our social environment 

Who is Blue Sombrero?? 
They are a subsidiary of Dick's Sporting Goods who offers a free web service to help organizations like ours run, organize and promote their league. Sports Illustrated and several other known companies do this sort of service, as well. We have a store that is fulfilled through Dick's Sporting Goods, the products are great and its a way to give back for the free web services. To learn more, we posted the Privacy Policy in our resource center or go to . 

Speaking of Privacy:
All general / league emails that are sent out have an opt-out option.  Once you opt out you will no longer receive league emails.  If you change your mind and would like to receive emails, you will need to contact the DALL Information Officer to re-add you.

Need help or have questions?

Contact the DALL Information Officer via email: Email

Questions and Answers

Why would I want or need a DALL web account?
Creating a web account is essential if your son or daughter wants to play Little League Baseball with Danvers American. "My account" (or your account!) is also key if you want to volunteer as a manager/coach. Through a single account you will be able to register your son or daughter each year and sign up as a volunteer. We will discuss this more in a few moments.

Ok ... this "account” is a little confusing - how does this work?
I felt the same way the first few times I created one, but once I figured out the structure, it was a much better experience. First, when you use the "my account" link and you create a new account; the first step is creating a master user or your volunteer profile. From this master profile, you create participants. Participants are the actual players or Little Leaguers. When you create a profile for your child, make sure you get the birthday correct, because it is essential for the next part of the process.

I have the profile, now what? 
Ok great, so you have the master/parent profile and one or more participant profiles in the system. If its the fall, you might not see anything. If its the spring and baseball is approaching, (when you are logged in and on your profile page), you'll see programs that are available your child. 
Each season, the league creates a registration process using Little League's age requirement and division guidelines. You child has a "little league age" (which you can learn more about by checking out the link below) and our system will automatically display the divisions available. Now, if you are 8 years old, there may be a few options, just check the division you want to play for and understand there is a tryout and players will be placed in a division based on a number of factors. 

Yes, you should try to volunteer but it is not a requirement. Volunteering works the same way as registering a player too. When you are registering a player, the system is set up to sign you up as a volunteer. If you can, that's great. If you can't, just choose the option to opt out. Volunteering is sort of like college or school, you tend to get back what you put into it. At the early levels of tee ball and farm, the role is much different than the older divisions. You and the 4-6 year old players are both trying to figure out how to play baseball and coach baseball. The experience is great with a positive attitude, it is very rewarding to be a leader for a group of kids learning to play a sport.  Now, Division A is where it becomes a slightly different story. It starts to require more time, effort, and preparation. But the experience is much different and you start to really see kids develop and gain their skill set. 

Also, we strongly encourage both men and women to volunteer. If you want to learn more, message us on or at our email address below. 

Ah, I didn't want to volunteer at first, but now I want to?
Nice, that's not a problem. Sign-in, and go back to your profile page. You'll see your participant's account(s) or registration(s), and with each it will have volunteer opportunities next to each (if you haven't signed up). Click the registration you want to volunteer and fill out the form. If the season hasn't started yet, the teams have not been picked: you should hear from the DALL Player Agent if you chose to be a Head Coach, or you'll hear from the Head Coach if you chose to be an Assistant Coach. If the season has already begun and you had a change of heart, speak to your son/daughter's current head coach and let them know you want to help and you signed up online. BUT WAIT: You need to sign another volunteer form for a background check (see the important documents link at the bottom of the page). 

Where do I find our team's schedule?
Team central is where it's at. You can use the master schedule link and view all games, the posted schedules link will allow you to filter by division and team, or the team pages link will bring you to your individual team page and you can see a few things like the roster, schedule and communicate with other parents. 

What else can I do on the site? 
We are updating our site constantly and improving the experience for you. The site is great for scores, standings, news, field status and more. You can also like us on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned for more resources and updates too.

Need help or have questions?

Contact the DALL Information Officer via email: Email

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