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Tournament Rules - 2019

MA District 15 - 8 Year Old Tournament Rules
Hosted by Danvers American Little League

The current Official Little League Rule Book shall be used with the following exceptions and/or clarifications:


1. The pitching distance is 40 feet
2. A pitcher may not re-enter the game as a pitcher.
3. A pitcher, after 41 pitches, may not move to the catcher position for the rest of the day.
4. A catcher may not enter the game as a pitcher after catching 3+ innings. (One pitch in the 4th is considered one inning)
5. A Pitcher may pitch a maximum of 50 pitches (plus finish the at-bat) per game with:

  • 1-20 pitches, requires 0 days of rest
  • 21-35 pitches, requires 1 days of rest
  •  36-50 pitches, requires 2 days of rest 

6. At the umpire’s discretion, a pitcher may be removed for safety after hitting 3 batters in a game.
7. There are no intentional walks.


1. 10 defensive fielders may be used in this age group (4th outfielder must play in line with the other outfielders) 
2. Outfielders must play on the grass at least 5-10 feet from infield when pitch is thrown. 
2. Free Substitution is allowed. (Minimum playing rule of 3 innings will be observed)


1. Batting is continuous. All roster players will bat regardless if they are on the field.
2. All bats must be a Little League approved bat (USA bat standard) all other bats will be removed 
from the game
3. On-Deck Batters are not allowed. Therefore, there shall be no swinging of the bat until the player is at 
the plate. (Donuts, weighted bats and/or sleeves are not permitted)
4. Once a batter has “squared up” in a bunting stance, he/she may not pull back and full swing away. The ball is “dead” and the batter will be called out, regardless of contact and no runners may advance. 
5. The umpire will issue 1 warning per-team for an unintentional throwing of the bat (after an at-bat). After 1 warning has been issued, the next violation will result in an “out” to the batter, but the result of the play will stand for other base runners. 
6. Intentional throwing of the bats or helmets shall be grounds for removal from the game.


1. Runners may leave their base once the pitch reaches the batter.
2. There is no HEADFIRST sliding except when diving back to a base.
3. A runner may not crash into a player with the ball in an attempt to dislodge the ball. 
Runners must avoid a crash into a fielder who is holding the ball EITHER by sliding OR running around that fielder. In case of a crash, the runner shall be called out and all other runners will be returned to the last base they touched before the crash. Note: For a runner to be called out, there must be a fielder holding the ball and contact.
4. Runners may advance on the continuation of a play only. Play ceases when the ball reaches the mound and is under control of any player. A runner will be returned to or allowed to advance to the nearest base. They may not “Bait” a fielder into throwing the ball away. 
Do not allow players to slow the game by taunting the opposing team
5. Stealing on passed balls is allowed
6. No Delayed Steals
7. A team total of 3 successful steals will be allowed each inning. (If a player attempts a 4th steal and is safe, the umpire will call time and they will be returned to their base, if they are thrown out, then they are out.) Only 1 steal of home per inning may occur.
8. Players may not steal on overthrows by the catcher.
9. A maximum of 5 runs per inning are allowed except in the last inning when the team behind will be 
allowed to score more than 5 runs to tie the game.
10. The Dropped 3rd Strike and Infield fly rules are in NOT in effect at this level.
11. During a steal, a player may NOT advance on an overthrown ball. 
12. Players are not to advance on throw-backs to the pitcher 

Extra Innings:

1. If applicable, during Pool Play, there will be one extra inning played in the event of a regulation tie (if time limits have not been reached.) The game may end in a tie after 7 innings.
2. Elimination games need to be completed until a winner is determined.
3. There is no time limit unless there is a weather issue, sunlight or other issue determined by the umpire or tournament official


1. A tournament official should be called when an umpire is notified that a team is protesting. Umpire judgment calls may NOT be protested. Any protest of an umpire’s rule interpretation shall be decided by a tournament official at the point of protest and before the next pitch.
2. For protests involving pitcher/player eligibility, a ruling shall be made by the Tournament Director 
as soon as practical which may occur after the game has been completed.


1. Only 1 Manager and 2 Assistants shall be allowed on the field/bench during the game. Any combination of adults and/players may base coach.
2. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of players, parents, and fans. 
Inappropriate behavior of coaches, players, parents or fans is unacceptable and may result in team disqualification, without warning.


1. A team may start and play a game with 8 players. (There will be no penalty for teams with 8 players)
2. We will have the sound system working so please provide to announcer your batting order with players name and 
3. All players must be on the roster prior to the start of the game
4. No player is allowed to play on a team outside of their current city/town.
5. Home team status will be determined by a coin toss before each game. The winner of the coin toss will 
have choice of home or away, the other team will have choice of dugout.
6. Tournament officials will evaluate game times as needed. The intention is to get as many complete 
games in as possible.
Each team should be prepared to start 15 minutes before the actual start time.
8. Tournament Officials have the option to impose a time limit on games. Time limits may be 
imposed if there is a game following yours. The limits will be discussed during the coin flip.
9. Managers are reminded that after the 3rd out is made in an inning, each team has 1 minute to 
prepare for the start of the next half inning. Please help move the game along. 
10. Games halted for inclement weather shall be resumed from that exact point unless they are considered “official” by Little League Rules.(If the game is in the 1st inning, it will be started over) 
11.  Each team may have 5 minutes of pregame infield practice. Visiting Team shall be first. Tournament Officials reserve the right to eliminate pregame practice because of time restrictions. 
12. A “Mercy Rule” shall apply when a team has had 4 innings at bat and trails by 10 runs or more. 
13. In the event of inclement weather, cancellation and schedule change info will be posted on the website and managers will be emailed as soon as possible. Notification of suspended games will be made as early as possible for those traveling. 
14. Each team should track pitch counts for both teams during the game. Home Team Managers must fill out a game log sheet and have it signed by the umpire and both managers. Please leave it at the announcers table before leaving the park. 
15. The Tournament Director reserves the right to interpret and make a ruling on all rules and regulations (written or not) regarding tournament play. His/her ruling shall be final.
16. There is a 5 Run max per inning, unless in the final inning where the team can tie the score and send into extra innings. 

For the safety of the kids, please park in designated areas only All teams are asked to keep our facilities, parks and bench areas clean. Coaches are responsible for cleaning the bench area after their games, barrels are available.

Most importantly.... Have Fun!

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Danvers American Little League

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Phone: 978-762-6700
Email: [email protected]
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